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Search our medical news database advanced search register login hot topics vaccines heart disease dentistry hematology allergies more home newsletter for purchase medical topics products about us contact verticalnews brain cancer contralateral extent of primary brain tumors evaluated by diffusion tensor imaging published in pain and central nervous system week , august 14th, 2006 contralateral extent of primary brain tumors could be evaluated by diffusion tensor imaging (dti). According to recent research from germany, "dti has been advocated as a promising tool for delineation of the extent of tumor infiltration by primary brain tumors. First reports show conflicting results mainly due to difficulties in reproducible determination of dti-derived parameters. " "a novel method based on probabilistic voxel classification for a user-independent analysis of dti-derived parameters is presented and tested in healthy controls and patients with primary brain tumors," explained b. Stieltjes and colleagues, german cancer research center. "the proposed quantification method proved to be highly reproducible both in healthy controls and patients. "fiber integrity in the corpus callosum (cc) was measured using this quantification method, and the profiles of fractional anisotropy (fa) provided additional information of the possible extent of infiltration of primary brain tumors when compared to conventional imaging. This yielded additional information on the nature of ambiguous contralateral lesions in patients with primary brain tumors. " the researchers concluded, "the results show that dti-derived parameters can be determined reproducibly and may have a strong impact on evaluation of contralateral extent of primary brain tumors. " stieltjes and colleagues published their study in neuroimage (diffusion tensor imaging in primary brain tumors: reproducible quantitative analysis of corpus callosum infiltration and contralateral involvement using a probabilistic mixture model. Neuroimage, 2006;31(2):531-542). For additional information, contact b. Stieltjes, german cancer research center, dept. Of diagnostic radiol, neuenheimer feld 280, room n clv, d-69120 heidelberg, germany. Publisher contact information for the journal neuroimage is: academic press inc. Elsevier science, 525 b st. no prescription viagra purchase viagra without a prescription viagra no prescription canada viagra online without prescription overnight http://neis.org/coulping/corintian.php?ahg=buy-viagra-online-usa-no-prescription-nm generic viagra without a doctor prescription canada viagra online without prescription non prescription viagra viagra prescription needed viagra without a doctor prescription not scam , ste. 1900, san diego, ca 92101-4495, usa. Keywords: heidelberg, germany, brain cancer, brain carcinoma, corpus callosum, dti, mr. Links