Your browser doesn't support javascript or it's disabled. viagra without a doctor prescription viagra without a doctor prescription viagra for sale viagra online cheap generic viagra buy cheap viagra buy viagra cheap generic viagra cheap viagra india You can use the website, but for best performance we recommend to enable javascript in browser preferences and refresh the page. English 中斆 indonesia font size a a a are you a doctor/dentist? Suggest a clinic sign up now - it's free & easy! Health perspectives healthcare providers health professionals example: breast cancer, dermatology, headache example: cardiology, cosmetic dentistry, endoscopy example: mount elizabeth, orchard, tanglin shopping centre example: goh yau hong, cardiologist burning mouth syndrome overview clinics questions & answers what is burning mouth syndrome? Burning mouth syndrome is a dental condition characterized by a burning sensation, which may affect the tongue (glossodynia), lips, or hard palate. Medical specialties and clinical interests dentistry oral medicine and pathology what are the signs and symptoms of burning mouth syndrome? Signs and symptoms of burning mouth syndrome may include: bad taste in the mouth burning sensation in the mouth dry lips dry mouth increased thirst loss of taste mouth pain numbness at the tip of the tongue what causes burning mouth syndrome? The cause of burning mouth syndrome is not known or still under medical review. What increases the risk of burning mouth syndrome? The risk of burning mouth syndrome increases when you/your: are a female are diagnosed with dry mouth syndrome are diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease are older than 50 years old are suffering from chronic bruxism are suffering from hypothyroidism are suffering from oral thrush are suffering from type 2 diabetes mellitus are under stress have an allergic reaction to metal used in prosthetics and food suffer from malnutrition what complications can burning mouth syndrome cause? Burning mouth syndrome may result in the following complications: depression have difficulties socializing have eating difficulties have sleeping difficulties irritability how can you prevent burning mouth syndrome? No specific prevention guideline exists for burning mouth syndrome at this moment. What treatments are available for burning mouth syndrome? Treatments and management of burning mouth syndrome may vary depending on the individual patient and the severity of the me. viagra viagra viagra kaufen rezeptfrei © MMVI Jason Cuvelier
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